World’s Smallest Woman Hatice Achieves The Tallest Achievement

21 year old Hatice Kocaman never knew that her height would let her attain the one of the tallest feats in the world, be part of the Guinness Book of World Records. The Turkish lady is now officially the world’s smallest woman; she is 28 inches tall and weighs no more than 15 lbs (6.8 kg). She became the second smallest human being alive. Strangely, the country is also home to the world’s tallest man.

Haitce stays with her family and suffers from hip dysplasia and back problems, but could not obtain any treatment for her condition as her family could not afford to travel from Kadirli, Turkey.

In an interview after receiving the award Hatice said that in school she used to be bullied because of the size, but now she feels quite tall as she became famed for her size.

Hatice had a natural birth and was a standard baby until a year later her mother found that her growth rate was very slow compared to other children. The reason behind Haitce’s size is that she suffers from dwarfism and it is because both her parents have defective genes.

Haitce has a brother who has a normal growth and does not suffer from the problems that this 21year old lady faces. Now Hatice wishes to travel the world and even see the tallest man of the world and has no complaints for her size or the way God has made her.
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