Excavated Parts From The 1600s Ship Discovered

Remnants of a ship likely from the 1600s were discovered as workers renovated a hotel in central Stockholm, the Maritime Museum said.

"The discovery of the wreck is very appealing given the place where it was made," Maritime Museum Director Hans-Lennarth Ohlsson said in a statement from the Stockholm museum's website. "There was a naval shipyard on this spot until the start of the 17th century."

As workers were renovating part of Stockholm's Grand Hotel, not far from the royal palace, a worker found something gorgeous – the discovery turned out to be excavated parts of a ship.

So archaeologists from the Maritime Museum came in to ensure things out – and it turns out they had quite an interesting find.

That technique, according to The Local, was not the custom, which has made the discovery even more fascinating.

"We really know nothing about this method other than that it was used in the east," Marine archaeologist Jim Hansson, who was called to the site, told The Local.

Hansson speculated the boat originated from east of the Baltics or Russia, according to The Local.

"We were super-thrilled," he told The Local of the discovery. "It may sound a little strange when one finds little excavated pieces of parts of a ship, but I have never seen anything like it." Bookmark and Share