A Stone Age Door In "Exceptional Condition" Found In Zurich

A Stone Age door in "exceptional condition" has been found in the heart of the Swiss city of Zurich, a city official said.

The artifact - thought to be more than 5,000 years old - was recovered in an archaeological excavation before the construction of a parking lot for the Zurich Opera.

"It is one of the oldest doors ever set up in Europe," said Niels Bleicher, Zurich Monument Preservation Department's chief scientist.

He said the door remains on the ground and workers will try to pull it up next week. It will then be stabilized, preserved, and possibly put into a museum, he said.

Bleicher said the door, about 1.5 meters high, hails from the Horgen archaeological culture and dates to the late 4th millennium B.C. "It is prepared from poplar wood. The technique and design are solid," he said.

"The door is in an excellent condition. Even the wooden handles are preserved."
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