Oscar Remains Record Holder Even After His Death

Oscar, the Vietnamese potbellied pig from Far North Dallas, claimed the Guinness World Records title last year when he turned 20.

He died Tuesday, a few weeks after his 21st birthday. Owner Stacy Kimbell sent out an email announcing the depressing news to friends and family. "He was the most loyal and genuine buddy that a gal could ever want," she wrote.

Oscar wasn't just any pig. In his younger years as a petite piglet, he roamed the streets of Chicago on a leash. He appeared on television with a pet psychologist and joined Kimbell on a Colorado ski vacation.

Oscar lived to eat. He tipped the scales at 180 pounds before Kimbell got a improved handle on his diet, which consisted of roasted pumpkin mash, grapes, almonds, apples, watermelon and canned fruit.

The average pig lives 15 to 20 years, so Oscar's ripe old age gave him the frame with Guinness. Last year's record brought the 130-pound porker back into the limelight. Stories appeared in The Dallas Morning News and People Magazine, and Oscar made many TV appearances. He received several invitations (including one to Rome that he had to decline) and taped a segment on a show for Animal Planet.

Southwest Airlines' chief executive sent him a case of his desired snack – packaged peanuts from the Dallas-based company. What few remained was bequeathed to his sister, Ziffle the pig.

Guinness officials say Oscar will stay the record-holder, even after his death. Bookmark and Share