Robot With Ethical Knowledge Invented

Robots as a very exceptional technological achievement of mankind that is capable of doing work as efficiently or sometimes even more efficiently as any other human being. But one severe complaint we all have is that robots are just high caliber machines that are devoid of any ethics. But now researchers have worked hard to inculcate some ethics similar to that of an ordinary human being in a robot so that it is able to act ethically and take decisions based on morals.

Researcher duo Susan Anderson and Michael Anderson has introduced a robot that takes into account various ethics such as being just, doing good, not causing harm and keeping promise when deciding how to act in a normal way. Such ethics are very ‘human’ in nature and never seen before in any robot.

This ethical robot will be used in medical field primarily. It will be entrusted with the duty to remind patients to obtain their medicine. The robot is programmed to weigh the benefits the patient will have if he takes good medication and will ultimately report to the doctor if the patient declines to take them after repeated reminders.

The robot is programmed to make ethically sound decisions and based on certain facts it will be able to weigh a decision and make choices about what must be done. The robot is created by Susan Anderson, a philosopher and her research partner husband Michael Anderson who is a computer scientist. The couple made the robot and based their research on an approach to ethics development in 1930 by a Scottish philosopher David Ross. Bookmark and Share