World’s Smallest Camera Developed By Awaiba

These days, it seems like every one want to make things thinner and want to make things smaller. And it actually doesn’t get much smaller than the Naneye camera. The world's tiniest camera at just 1mm wide, 1mm long, and 1.5mm tall, it's smaller than a typical match head, and it lives on a single silicon chip.

Portuguese image sensor developer Awaiba created the small camera, named the NanEye 2B, for use in the medical industry. NanEye 2B draws only 1.8 volts of electric current, and can take "clear and sharp" 250 by 250-pixel pictures. As you may have guessed, this Lilliputian digital camera won't be striking stores anytime shortly; instead, it will be put to use delving into human bodies in the name of science.

Awaiba sees the NanEye 2B being used for a range of medical purposes, including dental imaging and medical endoscopy, and it could even be used to give surgical robots a boost.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Become Husband And Wife

Large crowds gathered outside Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony began. A veiled Kate Middleton holding onto her father, smiled as she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey to wed Prince William, the successor to the British throne.

Prince William told Middleton, "You look beautiful" when she reached the altar of the church. They smiled at each other and William leaned over and winked at his father-in-law, Michael Middleton.

The wedding watched by 2,000 guests in the abbey and over 2 billion people worldwide delighted the people of Britain. Crowds of at least 600,000 lined the streets to gaze at the wedding, which is a national holiday. They joyfully waved a sea of Union Jacks and wore masks of the royal couple.

The new Duchess of Cambridge wore a veil with her arms and shoulders enclosed in lace as she made her vows that turned the commoner bride into royalty.

Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister, greeted her at the door of the Abbey. She tended to Middleton's wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton, a undergraduate of late British designer Alexander McQueen.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, the grandmother and father of groom Prince William, reached Westminster Abbey just moments before Middleton. Queen Elizabeth, wearing a bright yellow suit and hat, waved to the crowds as she and Prince Philip arrived to the site of the wedding.

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Shamcey Supsup Crowned Miss Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2011

Shamcey Supsup was crowned Bb. Pilipinas-Universe at the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 pageant which took place at the Araneta Coliseum. Shamcey, who was Binibini No. 26, bested 39 other contestants who competed in this year's pageant.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines College of Architecture. She also topped the Architecture board exam in July 2010. Shamcey will stand for the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 12, 2011. Aside from winning Bb. Pilipinas-Universe, Shamcey also got three special awards: Best in Talent, Miss PAL, and Miss Cream Silk.

Last year's 1st runner-up, Dianne Necio (No. 33), returned this year and won the Bb. Pilipinas-International title; while Isabella Manjon (No. 25) was adjudged Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism (a replacement to the Bb. Pilipinas-World title, which has its own franchise). Janine Tugonon (No. 27) finished 1st runner-up and Mary Jean Lastimosa (No. 34) was 2nd runner-up.

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World's smallest Caravan Unveiled

The small caravan, measures 2m by 75cm and retails at a price of £5,500. It is so compact it can be towed inside a supermarket at a top speed of 5mph.

The QTvan is the world’s most environmentally-friendly caravan. Using a conventional caravan for a ‘staycation’ within Britain remains a comparatively green way of taking a holiday.

"But if the electricity used to charge the mobility scooter is got from a green provider, the QTvan is entirely carbon neutral."

Developed by Environmental Transport Agency (ETA), the caravan was intended to highlight the 220,000 people who use a mobility scooter without breakdown cover.

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World’s Most Premature Baby Weighed 1 Pound

A German woman gave birth to a one-pound baby after only 21 weeks and five days of pregnancy, making it the world's most premature baby to stay alive.

When Frieda was born on Nov 7 she measured 11 inches (28cm) and weighed only one pound (460g). Five and a half months later, she is finally fit to depart from the clinic in Fulda, western Germany, in the next few days, now weighing 7.7 pounds (3.5kg) for 50cm (nearly 20 inches). Her twin brother Kilian died a few days after being born.

Prof Repp told that her survival was 'a miracle' because usually babies born before 22 weeks have no chance because their lungs, heart and brain are not sufficiently developed. 'Frieda was kept in an entirely sterile environment, with her breathing assisted and fed through her navel,' he told.

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World's First Human Brain Map Unveiled By US Scientists

The world's first anatomically and genetically detailed map of the human brain has been finished by U.S. scientists, who said their success might lead to new treatments for a number of brain diseases.

The team at the Allen Institute for Brain Science used leading-edge technology and took more than four years to complete the project.

The mappings of the biochemistry of two typical adult human brains revealed a 94 percent resemblance between human brains, and also showed that at least 82 percent of all human genes are expressed in the brain.

The findings offer the foundation for the Allen Human Brain Atlas, an online public resource accessible to researchers. The atlas identifies 1,000 anatomical sites in the human brain, along with more than 100 million data points that specify the particular gene expression and underlying biochemistry of each site.

Researchers will be able to use the atlas in a number of ways, including examining how disease and wound influence specific areas of the brain. They'll also be able to pinpoint where a drug acts in the brain, which could help progress outcomes for a number of therapies.

"Until now, a ultimate map of the human brain, at this level of detail, simply hasn't existed," Allan Jones, chief executive officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, said in an institute news release.

The atlas "provides never-before-seen views into our most composite and most important organ. Understanding how our genes are used in our brains will help scientists and the medical community better understand and determine new treatments for the full spectrum of brain diseases and disorders, from mental illness and drug addiction, to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, multiple sclerosis, autism and more," Jones said.

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Girl's Body Found In A Suitcase In Chambal River

Body of a 25-year-old young girl was found floating in a box along the banks of Chambal River in Kota. Suspecting it to be an assassination, the local police have started efforts to identify the body.

A fortnight back another anonymous body of a young woman was found in a box at Kishangarh in Ajmer district. The Ajmer police are yet to recognize the body that was parceled to Kishangarh from Rohini in outer Delhi on April 2.

On Wednesday around 11.30 am, some passers-by spotted a body in a steel box floating on the outer side of Chambal River near Khemari police station area of the Kota city. They informed the police control-room and soon a squad of policemen and FSL experts reached the place to pick up murder clues.

"The body is bloated and injured. The woman's age seems to be between 20 years and 24 years. We are yet to recognize the victim who also has severe head injuries," said Superintendent of Police, Kota, Prafful Kumar.' The police officer added, "Considering the harsh head injuries and opinions of FSL experts that the body was three days old, it appears the woman was murdered." The Khemari police station has registered the murder case against anonymous people.

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Guinness World Records Crowned New Oldest Living Man

Guinness World Records announced a 114-year-old Japanese man has been declared the world's oldest living man subsequent the death of the previous record holder.

Guinness said Jiroemon Kimura of Kyodo celebrated his 114th birthday Tuesday and inherited the designation of the world's oldest man from Walter Breuning of the United States, who died April 14.

The record-keeping association said Kimura, the last known man living to have been born prior to 1897, is now the third oldest person in Japan and the sixth oldest person in the world. He is the only man on the list of the world's 10 oldest people.

Kimura said part of his secret to long life is eating meals in petite portions.

"With the sad passing of Walter, the world is left with the one enduring man who was alive in the 19th century," said Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness. "It's unbelievable to think that Kimura's life spans three centuries -- when he was born, Dracula had yet to be published, Queen Victoria was a few weeks from her Diamond Jubilee and the Wright Brothers were six years from their first successful test flight. How the world has stimulated on during his lifetime!"

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World's Oldest Man Breuning Dies At 114

The world's oldest man has unfortunately died aged 114 near his home in Montana, USA.

Walter Breuning - the oldest man since 2009 - passed away with an anonymous illness. He was awarded the title by the Guinness Book of World Records after Brit Harry Allingham died in July 2009.

Bruening had lived and worked in the Great Falls area of Montana since 1918.

US Senator Max Baucus who honored Breuning on the floor of the US Senate on his 114th birthday, said: "I was honored to know Walter.

"He was a real Montanan: thrifty, healthy, hard-working, and he had true Montana grit. "Walter's reminiscence will remind us to always live each day to the fullest."

Breuning was the sixth man to have reached the age of 114. About 70 women have been recorded as reaching the target.
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The World's Lightest Basketball Shoe Designed By Adidas

Adidas has created the lightest shoe in all of basketball. It’s the Adidas adiZero Crazy Light, and it weighs a mere 9.8 ounces. With the Crazy Light, Adidas now has the market cornered on lightest-footwear in three sports: basketball, football, and soccer, soccer being the best sport of the three, of course.

The secret to the weight loss, says Adidas, is an ultra-thin exoskeleton that eliminates the layers and the bond typically used in basketball shoes.

“The design process did not start with a pencil,” explains Robbie Fuller, the lead developer. “Scissors, glue, sewing machines, then test, fail, startover.”

Adidas and Nike are waging a fight on several sporting fronts to make trainers and boots as light as possible, and those who wear them, faster. Just don’t anticipate to suddenly start making those three-point shots if you’re not any good to start with.

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World’s Hottest Chili Crowned From Australia

A chilli grower from the NSW Central Coast has created what is believed to be the world's hottest chilli. Called the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, it is more than 200 times hotter than a jalapeno chilli.

Grower Marcel de Wit says the smoke is so potent, defensive clothing and a face mask must be worn when cooking. "The seed initially came from America, and was sent to the seed company on the Central Coast," he said.

To verify the world’s hottest chili pepper, the peppers are graded on the Scoville scale which rates spice power by tracking the presence of a chemical compound in chilies. The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T recorded an impressive 1.45 million heat units on the scale which is a little above the British Naga Viper (1.38 million). For those not familiar with the Scoville scale, the standard jalapeno pepper clocks in at around 5,000 heat units

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Kate Middleton's Face Spotted On Jelly Bean

Usually it is the face of a divinity that turns up in food products, but days before the Royal wedding a man has claimed he has spotted the face of Kate Middleton in a Jelly bean.

The bride-to-be's long hair, strong facial features and her smile can be picked out in the yellow sweet which is enclosed in red blotches.

Wesley Hosie, 25, spotted the completely formed face as he ate his way through a jar of the beans.

The trainee accountant and girlfriend Jessica White, 24, noticed the strange image at their home in Taunton, Somerset. The pair kept the 'lucky' bean and now plan to sell it on eBay for £500.

Final preparations are in progress for the Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day on April 29.

'Given that the Royal Wedding is only a few weeks' away, we wish to make a few pounds out of it by selling it on the internet to a collector.'

Richard Cullen, joint Managing Director for the Jelly Bean Factory in Dublin, who is yet to see the bean, said: 'This sounds truly unbelievable, I would have to see the bean myself to believe it!

'All of our beans are handmade and this looks like one of our red spotted Mango beans, the natural speckles are exclusive to each and every jelly bean due to the handmade process.'

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New Scary Looking Dinosaur Species Found

It's fitting that a place called Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, would yield the discovery of a scary-looking creature. But it's not a ghost - it's a dinosaur.

This dog-sized, violent -looking critter is called Daemonosaurus chauliodus, which means something along the lines of “buck-toothed evil lizard,” says Hans-Dieter Sues, lead author of the published research describing this dinosaur, and curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

The illustration above compares the head and neck with a quarter. You can see that it has a short snout and huge front teeth.

Scientists found the skull and neck of this formerly unrecognized dinosaur, and described it in a study in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

This dinosaur provides a link between what paleontologists believe "early" and "later" dinosaurs. There's a gap in the fossil record between the oldest known dinosaurs, which walked or ran on their back legs about 230 million years ago in Argentina and Brazil, and other voracious dinosaurs that lived much later. Daemonosaurus chauliodus helps fill in a blank in dinosaur history.

This newly discovered species lived about 205 million years ago, and possibly preyed on other dinosaurs and other small animals, Sues said. At that time, what is now the American Southwest was located close to the equator, so it was tepid and monsoon-like with heavy seasonal precipitation. This dinosaur was probably energetic during the day, although its large eyes suggest it could have seen at night as well.

It may have fallen prey to an extinction event that occurred about 200 million years ago. As the continents were unraveling, there was a large zone of volcanic activity. Huge quantities of lava were released, doing "horrible things to the atmosphere." Most dinosaurs made it through, but conceivably not this one.

"It just shows that even here in the United States, there are still many new dinosaurs to be found," Sues said. "People always think we have to go to some distant places, but, right here in northern New Mexico, we can still find new dinosaurs."

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Spider Web Cocooned Trees After Flood

The record flooding in Pakistan in the latter half of 2010 disrupted the lives of 20 million people, but it also affected the country’s arachnid population.

With more than a fifth of the country flooded, millions of spiders climbed into trees to escape the rising floodwaters. The water took so long to recede, the trees became covered in a cocoon of spider webs. The result is a creepy, alien panorama, with any vegetation covered in a thick mass of webbing.

However, the strange phenomenon may be a blessing in disguise. Britain’s department for international development reports that areas where the spiders have scaled the trees have seen far fewer malaria-spreading mosquitoes than might be predictable, given the occurrence of stagnant, standing water.

The agency is providing aid to the communities affected by the disaster, with safe drinking water, health care, food and shelter. To decrease the population’s long-term dependence on that aid, the government agency is now offering wheat seeds and tools to farmers, and jobs and skills training for those in rural areas. However, reconstruction in the worst-hit areas is probable to take many years.
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Brazil Claims World’s Tallest Lego Tower

Nearly 6,000 Lego lovers, consisting mostly of children, united in Brazil to construct what is now considered the World’s tallest lego structure. The 31.19m (102ft) structure took five days to build and was completed on Saturday in the city of Sao Paolo.

The Lego tower was built in the outside of the Shopping Center Norte in Sao Paulo, and utilized more than 500,000 individual Lego pieces.

"We are proud to support an event which highlighted among children the significance of teamwork. In a playful and fun, participants came together to break the record of the LEGO Tower and put Brazil in the history of this global project," said Esteves Robério of M. Cassab, the official distributor of LEGO Brazil.

The earlier record for tallest Lego tower was earned by Chile in 2010 with a tower reaching the height of 30.94 meters (101.5ft).

The Brazilian footballer Cafu (Marcos Evangelista de Moraes) positioned the last Lego piece on top of the tower, making Sao Paolo the 44th city and 32nd country with a completed Lego tower.

LEGO Denmark sent numerous experts to Brazil to help coordinate the tower construction. One of the designers Per Kjærgaard has helped construct towers in 20 different countries and another designer, Karsten Niebuhr, has helped build 10 different towers.

The LEGO tower will be on show until April 14th.

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12 Children Dead In Brazil School Shooting

A Brazilian gunman killed 12 children at a Rio de Janeiro school and then himself, police said ay, appalling the South American nation that has never seen such an incident before.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff wept when commenting on the occurrence during a speech to business leaders and requested a moment of silence for the victims.

"This type of crime is not characteristic of (our) country and therefore we are all united in repudiating this act of brutality," Rousseff said.

The assault by the 24-year-old Welington de Oliveira was the first serial killing of its kind in Brazil. Attacks similar to the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre and the 1999 Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, were unheard of in the South American nation.

"We have to show unity and support for the families of the children (killed by) that psychopath, that animal," said Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral in a press conference at the school in the Rio neighborhood of Realengo.

Police said Oliveira entered the school carrying two guns and a suicide note. Oliveira told officials he was there to convey a speech and then opened fire on students.

He was a former student at the school. Police said they supposed he was psychologically unstable, citing the content of the suicide note, which asked that "(someone) stand in front of my tomb and ask God to forgive me for what I did."

Oliveira did not have a police record.

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Moosshiqx - The World's Smallest E Bike

A native of Mysore, Santhosh’s love for motor cycle racing and designing motor cycles has paved the way for an innovation – the world’s smallest e-bike, Moosshiqx.

The e-bike is the world’s smallest at just 12 inches high and 18 inches long. Despite its size, the e-bike still manages to run at a speed of 16kmph. However, we’re not sure of how contented the ride would get since it does look a tad too small for comfortable seating. Also, the person should have the battery pack wrapped around him, instead of placing it on the bike. Now while that spells portability, we’re not sure about how comfortable this seating arrangement would be for lengthy rides.

With all the limits, Moosshiqx still seems to be a much liked and appreciated innovation. It just entered the Limca Book of Records and has made a dual appearance in the popular show on AXN - Ripley’s Believe it or Not - last year.

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Lewis Lifts First Major Title Despite Adversity

American golfer Stacy Lewis banished the ghosts of her nightmare final round at the 2008 U.S. Open when she took the Kraft Nabisco Championship by three shots on Sunday.

The 26-year-old, whose grandfather died on the eve of the contest at Mission Hills in California, claimed the first title of her professional career in the first of four major events in the 2011 women's season.

"Everybody in the family knew that he would have wanted me to finish out this week," she told the LPGA website.

"I mean, he lived through my golf. He loved watching it on TV. He recorded it every week so he could keep watching it over and over again.

Lewis, who won an unofficial rain-shortened LPGA Tour event as an amateur in her native Arkansas in 2007, had looked set to pursue that up three years ago when she led the U.S. Open heading into the last day, but a final-round 78 ended her hopes of glory.
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Hong Kong Inaugurates World's Tallest Hotel

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong formally became the world's tallest hotel and the fourth highest building in the world - when it opened its doors to the public.

Located at the very top of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), it perches on floors 102 to 118 and has 312 rooms all with city and harbor views.

Herve Humler, president of luxury hotel chain said the building was a landmark hotel which was the result of many years of hard work

'We have been able to build truly spectacular so we can welcome our visitors not just to the tallest hotel in the world, but also to one of the very best hotels in the world,' he said. 'We are taking luxury to new heights in every sense.'

The hotel's services include state-of-the-art technology including WiFi, iPod docking stations, Blu-ray DVD players and flat screen TVs.

There are three restaurants on the 102nd floor, including Tin Lung Heen, which is a Chinese restaurant serving advanced Cantonese cuisine; Tosca, an Italian restaurant which offers Southern Italian cuisine and the very stylish The Lounge & Bar with fire pits and open kitchens.

In addition, there is a chocolate-themed lounge named The Chocolate Library on 103rd floor and a elegant patisserie located on 9th floor. Managers say the jewel in the crown is Ozone, located on the hotel's 118th floor.

It offers modern Asian tapas and signature cocktails to a backdrop of unbelievable views as well as the chance to drink on the world's highest al fresco terrace.

The hotel has an ESPA on site which is situated on the 116th floor.

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Johanna Solano Crowned Miss Costa Rica 2011

Johanna Solano is the new Miss Costa Rica 2011. She was crowned on March 25, 2011 at the National Auditorium in the Museum of Children. Johanna Solano is 20 year old and stands 5’9”. She will represent Costa Rica in Miss Universe 2011 pageant. The 1st runner-up was Mariana Loranca; the 2nd runner-up was Natalia Gómez.

Johanna Solano is a student of psychology. She is 20 year old and stands 1.75m. Solano bested ten finalists for the crown. Interestingly, she is also considered a favorite to take home the title as she was earlier crowned as Miss Latin America in the World 2009

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Einstein, The World's Smallest Horse To Enter Record Soon

Little Einstein the miniature pony may be just 20 inches tall, but that hasn't stopped him becoming a huge star.

The tiny horse, from New Hampshire in the US, has previously captured the hearts of millions, including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, who invited him on her hit TV show.

Now his pursuit to find buddies and his life at home with owners Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wagner in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, will be published in a new a book to rejoice his birthday.

'This has been a extraordinary year for us and for Einstein,' said Mr Cantrell, 44, who bought Einstein for their small farm along with his wife Rachel.

'Einstein is the smallest horse on record ever to endure and when the news got out to the media the level of interest was incredible. 'The average weight of a newborn tiny horse is 18lb. The average height at birth is 21 inches.

Einstein is all the amazing because he shows no dwarf characteristics and is simply a very small miniature horse. His mother Finesse stands a comparatively tall 32 inches and his dad Painted Feather measures 30 inches

Guinness approached us straight after the original press that surrounded Einstein,' said Mr Cantrell. 'He can't be formally recognised as the smallest stallion until he is four, but we are both relatively sure that he has stopped growing.'

'You see the adorable thing about Einstein is that he doesn't seem to be too conscious of his height at all. 'However, due to his odd size he can't mingle around with other horses because it would be dangerous and he might get trampled underfoot.
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