Moosshiqx - The World's Smallest E Bike

A native of Mysore, Santhosh’s love for motor cycle racing and designing motor cycles has paved the way for an innovation – the world’s smallest e-bike, Moosshiqx.

The e-bike is the world’s smallest at just 12 inches high and 18 inches long. Despite its size, the e-bike still manages to run at a speed of 16kmph. However, we’re not sure of how contented the ride would get since it does look a tad too small for comfortable seating. Also, the person should have the battery pack wrapped around him, instead of placing it on the bike. Now while that spells portability, we’re not sure about how comfortable this seating arrangement would be for lengthy rides.

With all the limits, Moosshiqx still seems to be a much liked and appreciated innovation. It just entered the Limca Book of Records and has made a dual appearance in the popular show on AXN - Ripley’s Believe it or Not - last year.

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