World’s Most Premature Baby Weighed 1 Pound

A German woman gave birth to a one-pound baby after only 21 weeks and five days of pregnancy, making it the world's most premature baby to stay alive.

When Frieda was born on Nov 7 she measured 11 inches (28cm) and weighed only one pound (460g). Five and a half months later, she is finally fit to depart from the clinic in Fulda, western Germany, in the next few days, now weighing 7.7 pounds (3.5kg) for 50cm (nearly 20 inches). Her twin brother Kilian died a few days after being born.

Prof Repp told that her survival was 'a miracle' because usually babies born before 22 weeks have no chance because their lungs, heart and brain are not sufficiently developed. 'Frieda was kept in an entirely sterile environment, with her breathing assisted and fed through her navel,' he told.

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