The World's Lightest Basketball Shoe Designed By Adidas

Adidas has created the lightest shoe in all of basketball. It’s the Adidas adiZero Crazy Light, and it weighs a mere 9.8 ounces. With the Crazy Light, Adidas now has the market cornered on lightest-footwear in three sports: basketball, football, and soccer, soccer being the best sport of the three, of course.

The secret to the weight loss, says Adidas, is an ultra-thin exoskeleton that eliminates the layers and the bond typically used in basketball shoes.

“The design process did not start with a pencil,” explains Robbie Fuller, the lead developer. “Scissors, glue, sewing machines, then test, fail, startover.”

Adidas and Nike are waging a fight on several sporting fronts to make trainers and boots as light as possible, and those who wear them, faster. Just don’t anticipate to suddenly start making those three-point shots if you’re not any good to start with.

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