Paul The Octopus Is Back In China As Panda

China fell in love with Paul the Octopus in the Football World Cup and mourned his passing only a few months later. With the onset of the Asian Games in Guangzhou though, viewers have found a new oracle, 12 of them to be precise: Guangzhou's pandas.

China Hush reports that the 12 pandas now living in Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort’s zoo have been performing medal predictions for the games, becoming local celebrities in the course.

Each panda, according to site, has a extraordinary specialty. Bosi, one that Guangzhou Daily describes as “smart and quick,” predicted the outcome of the martial arts competition at the Asian games. Another panda, “Hui Hui” made predictions for the diving competition as zoo keepers say she likes playing in water.

The pandas are given two special foods, one representing China and one representing a different country. The one the panda chooses to eat is said to be the predicted winner.

China is always represented by bamboo, the plant that makes up the bulk of the panda’s diet.

Not quite the blind predictions that Paul made, but public are flocking to the zoo nonetheless to see what the pandas are munching on.

That said, the Chinese are sweeping up the medal count so if the panda keeps going for its favorite snack, it won’t be that far off base.
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