South Korea Breaks World Record With Gigantic Off-Shore Wind Farm

South Korea just announced the investment of $8.2 billion to construct a gigantic 2,500 MW offshore wind farm. It is part of a $36 billion investment to meet its targeted greenhouse gas reduction pledged after the Copenhagen Climate Accord.

At 2,500 MW, this just dwarfs current offshore wind farms. Europe, the current world leader, now has offshore wind farms that are in the 300 – 400 MW range. It is even more than twice the size of China’s newly announced gigantic 1,000 MW off-shore wind farm which holds the current world record for the largest planned offshore wind farm.

South Korea pledged a 30% decrease in greenhouse gases by 2020. To meet the target, it plans a total venture of $36 billion over the next five years.

The first step in the offshore wind farm will be the building of a “proving area” by 2013 to test the first 20 of the 5 megawatt turbines that will be used throughout. Assuming all goes well; by 2016 it will comprise 900 MW, with 180 turbines. The last 300 turbines will be installed by 2019 to complete the 2,500 MW farm.
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