World's Tiniest Airline Seat 'Skyrider'- Discovered

A new airline seat, which is said to be the smallest, is set to be unveiled at a US aircraft show later this week.

The seat, dubbed as the 'Skyrider', is bent like a saddle, forces passengers to sit at an angle, with part of their weight taken on their legs, which are also tucked under the seat in front. It is expected that the Skyrider will allow just 23 inches of legroom, seven inches less than the average seat pitch of around 30 inches.

But it claims the seats, which are fractional overlapping of the passengers seating between rows, will amplify the number of seats in economy class without sacrificing passenger comfort.

The seats, designed by Italian aircraft seat design company Aviointeriors, were styled on saddles used by cowboys and will be contented for flight of between one to three hours.

The seat is similar to a saddle. Cowboys ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in it. The makers also claim that numerous airlines have expressed their interest in the seats, and should they plan to go ahead and install them the company would have to apply to aviation authorities for suitable certification.

The Skyrider is to make its introduction at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas conference in Long Beach, California and is styled on saddles used by cowboys in the Wild West the makers assert you can sit on a horse for long periods of time and not feel discomfort.

Several airlines have previously expressed an interest according to Dominique Menoud, director general of Aviointeriors Group: "We feel exceptionally confident that this concept will have great appeal to airlines for economic purposes." Passengers would forfeit less to sit in an area of the cabin installed with the seats. Bookmark and Share