World Bank Calls For More Integrated Approach Towards Water Management

In its latest, the global financial body, World Bank (WB), has called for 'better information and an additional integrated approach' towards water management.

'We can't appropriately tackle global priorities of food security, renewable energy, adaptation to climate change, public health and urbanization unless we supervise water better,' Julia Bucknall, WB's Water Sector Manager, said in the report which was made accessible to PANA here.

'And to manage water better, we actually can't sidestep solid hydrological analysis,' it stressed.

The report also highlighted that there was a need for analysis in view of the fact that the global population was expected to reach nine billion by 2050, coupled with economic development, 'spurring demand for more and better food and amplified hydrological variability caused by climate change'.

The'Mid-Cycle Implementation Progress Report' for Water Resources Strategy, entitled 'Sustaining Water for All' in a Changing Climate, reaffirmed that the bank's 2003 water plan and project implementation track record was sound. Bookmark and Share