Guinness World Record May Title Roly Soon

Taihape has a candidate for the world's oldest dog title, but proving it is another matter. Guinness World Records' existing official title-holder is 21-year-old kelpie cross Sako from Melbourne, Australia, the Mail reported.

And British media last week informed that Billy the Yorkshire terrier, at 22, was the world's oldest dog. But Janise and Mike Seal of Taihape consider their dog Roly matches that milestone.

"So does that make him world famed? We think so, particularly here in Taihape," Mr Seal said.

The Seals got Roly when he was just about six months old from a residence where he was not treated very well and has been with their family ever since.

"We approximate his age to be about or nearly 22. We cannot prove his age, just going on the age of our daughter Natalie, when we brought him home she was seven years old and now she is 28 – so do the calculation yourself."

When he was taken to the Veterinary a month before he was given a clean bill of health, apart from being hard of hearing. "Roly has life too comfortable and is certainly not ready to go to dog heaven just yet." Bookmark and Share