Emergency Landing Ended In Safe Landing

Last night a plane from Atlanta made an emergency landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York lacking part of its landing gear. The pilot, Capt Jack Conroyd, balanced the plane on its left wheel before easing it on to its right wing to slow it down after the jet's right wheel became jammed.

The plane, flying from Atlanta to White Plains in New York, was sidetracked to JFK because of its longer runway after the pilot told air traffic control an indicator light in the cockpit went on. He was heard saying to air traffic controllers "AC4951 Roger and, uhh better work", prior to landing.

Fire fighters were put on alert but were not desired due to the landing, while all 60 passengers and four crew escaped unscathed.

Atlantic Southeast Airlines is investigating the cause of the matter, spokesman Jarek Beem said in a phone interview. He said the airline was tremendously proud of the crewmembers. "They did an outstanding job of following protocol to ensure the safety of our passengers." Bookmark and Share