New Pineapple Breed With Double Dose Of Vitamin C Produced In Australia

Australian scientists said they had managed to generate a pineapple with twice the Vitamin C of other varieties. It was recently found that a 15-year-long joint government and industry propagation program has produced the Aus-Jubilee pineapple.

Queensland Primary Industries Minister Tim Mulherin and a assembly of taste testers will sample the Aussie pineapple in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.

Mulherin states that the Aus-Jubilee was specifically chosen for its sweet-smelling flavor, juicy, low acidity, firm flesh and perfect coloration. "It has twice the Vitamin C of other pineapples, making it a natural option for parents wanting a healthy, delicious snack for the kids," he said.

He said it was also proven to be resistant to internal browning and other blemishes.

Queensland government scientists, Horticulture Australia and Queensland's pineapple growers were concerned in developing the new pineapple breed. Bookmark and Share