Egyptian Tycoon Sentenced 15 Years In Pop Star's Murder

A superior member of the ruling party in Egypt, Hishaam Talaat Moustafa, has been sentenced to 15 years of jail term, after quashing a earlier death sentence which was awarded to him for killing his ex- lover, Suzanne Tamim. The death sentence was detached on grounds of a technicality.

Moustafa apparently got Mohsen al-Sukkari reportedly to kill the Lebanese singer in Dubai in the year 2008. The case is much talked about in media due to the presence of an elite person.

Sources say that Moustafa killed Tamim because she turned down a marriage propose made by him, since the two were reportedly having an affair. He then allegedly paid Sukkari $2m to end the life of the singer, who rose to reputation in a talent show in the late 90′s.

The killing was done in a very horrible manner, where Tamim was found dead with her throat slit in one of the hotels of Moustafa. Did you know that we have a full moon every month? Witches often take advantage of this by casting full moon spells because they produce excellent results due to the high energy in the air. Not only does the universe benefit from this energy but your love life can improve significantly as well. Bookmark and Share