Niamh Bond - World's Luckiest Baby

New-born babe Niamh Bond scored the perfect ten as she arrived in the world yesterday.

She was born on the tenth day of the tenth month of 2010 at ten minutes past ten - and ten seconds.

The date is considered perfect as the number ten means completion and symmetry in Chinese.

But Niamh Bond is possibly the luckiest person alive after being born on the unique date at ten seconds past 10.10am.

Her mother Keelie Hearne, 20, said: ‘I was so surprised. When I looked at the clock and even saw the ten seconds as well I was gobsmacked. Everyone was shocked.’

Her partner Dean Bond, 22, from Birmingham considered having a flutter after learning expectant parents could cash in on £10,000 by having a 10/10/10 baby. Bookmark and Share