'Home Haunters' Grab The Attention In Halloween Decorations

The house with sinister animatronics, the fake smoke and a perfectly timed soundtrack of spooky noises is the work of 'Home haunters’. The one that makes little children think twice about ringing the doorbell.

That's the "home haunter's" house. Their fascination with Halloween drives them to create incredible experiences for trick-or-treaters; they are masters at creating a fine scare. And they do it by dismantling off-the-shelf items and whirling electronic parts into freaky Frankenstein decorations.

"For some reason, we all adore to tear apart Christmas props," said Rik Cary, a software designer who lives in Hayward, California.

"There was a 5-foot-tall dancing Santa at Wal-Mart one year, and he picked up a number of these on consent. He's made that into a plagiarize and a zombie. He used the dancing machine itself under one of those singing Douglas fir Christmas trees."
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