Brave Mother Died After Saving Her Three Children

A mother in Louisville, Kentucky, has died after saving her three children and two nieces by pushing them out the second-story pane of her burning townhome.

Bystanders who noticed the flames helped catch the children as Tomarra Finley guided them out morning. After the five children were rescued, Finley, 31, was found cataleptic by firefighters. They gave her oxygen and CPR, but she died later of smoke inhalation.

Fire Capt. Salvador Melendez said Finley braved incredible heat and smoke in saving the children.

"It was even intense for us, and we wear all this gear," he told affiliate WDRB-TV of Louisville. "We can only visualize what she went through. She did a heroic thing. She made a sacrifice, but she did certainly save those children."

Karey Hudson said he saw a child lynching out the window and ran to help. He said a man delivering newspapers came running up and told the kid to jump.

"'One of us will catch you," Hudson told the paper man told the child. Firefighters said that smoke alarms alerted Finley to the fire.

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