Brazil's Richest Man Builds World’s Biggest Port

Dangling above the South Atlantic, construction workers brave wind and waves to raise a vast 10-berth port terminal off the Brazilian coast.

Nicknamed the "highway to China," the $2.7 billion port will be one of the biggest in the world when finished in 2012.

Eike Batista, a mining mogul and Brazil's richest man, dreamed up the idea for the Acu Superport because he was fed up with the delays in receiving iron ore from his mines onto ships bound for China.

"Land your cargo at a port and if it's a urn, it may stay there for 30 to 60 days," Batista told in an interview.

He ended up building a port and industrial complex that will be larger than Manhattan and already is luring foreign and domestic investments.

"Brazil is a gigantic chance to arbitrage inefficiencies," he said. Bookmark and Share