80-Foot Pregnant Whale Found Dead In California

Researchers consider a pregnant blue whale that washed up on a beach in San Mateo County may have been hit by a boat.

A spokesman for the California Academy of Sciences told the San Mateo County Times that the 80-foot whale that came ashore near Pescadero seem to have died of blunt force trauma, likely caused by a collision with a boat.

Spokesman Andrew Ng says after scientists were able to inspect the whale during low tide they found it had suffered hemorrhaging on its belly and at least three fractured vertebrae.

Researchers say after the whale died, its 17-foot male calf was evicted from its corpse.

Because of a boost of blue whales in area waters this year, the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary has issued a caution to boaters to watch out for whales in the area.

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