Storm In Israel Unveils Ancient Statue

 A huge storm that distorted part of a cliff on Israel's central coast led to the discovery of a statue dating back to the Roman period, the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

The white marble statue of a woman wearing a toga and sandals is probable to be 2,000 years old. It stands 1.2 meters tall, weighs about 200 kilograms and was found with no head or arms, according to a news release by the authority.

A person walking on the coast at Ashkelon on the coast west of Jerusalem made the discovery, the authority said. "The statue fell into the sea when the ancient nautical cliff collapsed as a result of the storm," said Yigal Israel, the Ashkelon district archaeologist. "The collapse also ruined a bath house and mosaics that had been in the sea cliff for many hundreds of years."

The storm, one of the strongest Israel has experienced in recent years, brought winds of more than 100 kph that sent 10-meter waves deafening into Israel's coast. Bookmark and Share