Online "WikiLeaks: The Game" A Great Success

A computer-game parody of the much-talked-about WikiLeaks saga has made a splash online. In the online game, players suppose the role of WikiLeaks founder and outsized personality Julian Assange hiding behind President Obama's desk in the Oval Office.

Using their mouse, players must influence the Assange character to smuggle secret documents from Obama's laptop onto a USB drive as the president dozes off. Those who not succeed are treated to a juicy presidential sound bite and a mock story planted in the newspaper.

More than a million people have visited the website for "WikiLeaks: The Game" ever since it was posted five days ago, developer Sebastiaan Moeys, 21, told.

"Just like governmental attempts to quash WikiLeaks, the game is harder than it looks," Alexia Tsotsis reviewed it. "I've played it five times and I still haven't won."

Game developers have been quick in recent years to benefit from on the popularity of prominent news events.

Satirical animated games have spoofed Tiger Woods' extramarital scandal, the Hudson River plane landing, the Chilean mine save and the rescue of a ship captain from Somali pirates.
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