Endangered Mountain Gorillas Population Increases

The population of endangered mountain gorillas has increased significantly in the last 30 years, say researchers.

A census carried out in the Virunga Massif - where most of the world's mountain gorillas live - exposed 480 individuals living in 36 groups.

Conservationists say that, 30 years ago, only 250 gorillas survived in this same area. Along with the 302 mountain gorillas from a census in Bwindi in 2006, the world inhabitants is now more than 780.

A 2003 census estimated the population in Virunga at 380 individuals - so the current figure suggests that the population has amplified by just over 25% in the last seven years.

But, according to the African Wildlife Foundation and International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP), the animals are still very much under danger.

Director of the IGCP Eugene Rutagarama said: "Together, we cannot let down our guard on the conservation of these incredible animals.

"While mountain gorillas are physically strong, they are also incredibly vulnerable."
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