Kirra Titled As “Queen of The Doggie Dieters”

Cattle dog Kirra has been titled “Queen of The Doggie Dieters”, taking out the national 2010 PetFit Slimmer of the Year competition. The eight-year-old won the title after shedding 10kg, almost a third of her body weight, on the program.

Owner Melina Lowth put the dramatic weight loss down to daily walks and monitoring what Kirra ate. Kirra is the third animal from Ormeau Veterinary Surgery to win a title in the PetFit competition.

The surgery’s nutritional adviser Lisa Larman said the win was testament to how significant good nutritional advice and support was for pet owners.

``Kirra is a very commendable winner. The Lowth family, Melina, David and their two young daughters, have determinedly followed the PetFit program, putting Kirra on a strict diet and exercise regime. It’s been a real family affair with Kirra’s two young owners coming to the weigh-ins every two weeks,’’ she said.

Former The Biggest Loser competitor Bob Herdsman was at Ormeau to present the award. As part of the prize, Kirra’s owners receive a $2000 travel voucher and a year’s supply of Hill’s Pet Nutrition food.

Studies propose close to half of all Australian dogs are overweight, while most owners don’t know how much their dogs weigh or should weigh.

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