Solar-Powered Hornet Turning Light Into Electricity Discovered

 The oriental hornet has built-in "solar cells" that produce electricity from sunlight a first in the animal kingdom, according to a latest study.

Scientists previously knew that the hornet species, for unknown reasons, produced electricity inside its exoskeleton, according to study leader Marian Plotkin of Tel-Aviv University.

Plotkin's late mentor Jacob Ishay made the finding after observing that the insect is active when the sun is most intense—unusual for hornets.

Plotkin and colleagues newly went a step further by examining the structure of the hornet's exoskeleton to find out how the electricity is produced.

Their research discovered that pigments in the hornet's yellow tissues trap light, while its brown tissues generate electricity. Exactly how the hornets use this electricity is still not completely understood, Plotkin noted.
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