International Conference For Mining Safety With Experts

More than 700 delegates are attending the event to talk about the best security practices for the mining industry to adopt over the next few years. Conference spokesman Stewart Bell says a group of international experts is sharing thoughts on how to reach the goal of 'zero harm' for workers in the states mines.

"Queensland has most likely the best mine safety and health record in the world, but it's not perfect," he said. "We're still throbbing people, we're still having problems."What we're looking at now is human behavior - how people behave in situations where they may hurt themselves or other people.

"We're also looking at new technologies to make our tools safer and new health monitoring techniques to make sure we're not revealing our people to anything they shouldn't be exposed to." Mr. Bell says its victory is based on the hold from all areas of the mining industry.

"It's supported by the unions, by the mining employers, by the regulators and by the Government," he said. "It's very significant that we keep all of those three groups on the same train." Bookmark and Share