Bugatti To Set A World Land Speed Record

The Bugatti Veyron wretched on to the scene in 2005, its 8-litre W16 engine delivering 736kW, or knocking on the door of 1000bhp.

But that wasn't enough for Bugatti. Even then it was scheduling an engine with more power. Now, five years down the track, it wants to round off the Veyron's limited production run of 300 variants with something unique.

The last 40 Veyron examples to be built will run with the reworked W16 that Bugatti used to set a world land speed record for a production car of 434km/h, or 268mph.
The engine in the carefully revised Super Sports Veyron produces 883kW, or 1184bhp. The first five of the final 40 will wear the same black and orange colour plan as the world record car.

The Veyron Super Sport is efficiently the final iteration of the Veyron. The engine uses larger turbos and bigger intercoolers to push power to 883kW. Torque increases from 1234Nm to 1482Nm. Bookmark and Share