Westminster Dog Show 2011 Begins In New York

The Westminster Dog Show, widely known as the Super Bowl of the dog world, started off Monday at Madison Square Garden.

The annual show has over 2,500 dogs competing for Best in Show. The happening will judge 179 breeds. Icelandic sheepdogs, Leonbergers, Boykin spaniels, cane corsos redbone coonhounds and bluetick coonhounds are the six new breeds in the contest.

In order for a breed to get familiar by the American Kennel Club, a parent club must have recognized a breed standard, and there must be a adequate population and distribution of the dog.

Overall the dogs come from numerous countries and 49 of the 50 states, with North Dakota as the only state without representation. After the Kentucky Derby horse race the Westminster dog show is the second oldest US sporting event. On Monday the hound, toy, nonsporting and herding groups are judged, and the sporting, working and terriers will be judged on Tuesday. After all the groups have a winner, the Best in Show will be determined.
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