Honda’s ASIMO Honored As World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot

The ASIMO humanoid is division of Honda’s R&D initiatives in robotics and human mobility fields. The robot was developed at Honda's R&D Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center ten years back.

All joints of ASIMO include 34° of Freedom, enabling the robot to efficiently respond to the natural human motions. It can recognize various objects as well as the landscape of its environment. It can understand easy verbal instructions, spot faces and evades mobile obstacles as it moves.

The company launched several applications in the iphone and smartphone (A ‘Run with Asimo’) enabling users to converse with a virtual ASIMO robot on their mobile.

The Honda engineers worked for ten years to build up the latest version. The robot can now walk and run on all unequal surfaces. It can even climb staircases and stretch to clutch objects.

The final mission of Honda’ robotics department is to allow ASIMO to help humans for performing their daily tasks and to carry out unsafe operations.
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