Smokey To Be The World's Loudest Cat

A pet cat called Smokey is claimed to have the loudest purr in the world, which emits a sound as loud as a lawnmower. Most cats purr at about 25 decibels but Smokey's averages 80 decibels.

However, when measured close-up her purrs reach 92 decibels, comparable to the noise of a lawnmower, hair dryer or, it is claimed, a Boeing 737 coming in to land.

Its owners, Ruth and Mark Adams, say Smokey's noisy purrs make it impossible for them to hear the television or radio when she is in the room and they struggle to have telephone conversations.

"She has always been very vocal and purrs at some level almost all the time," said Ruth, from Pitsford, in Northampton. "She even manages to purr while she eats. The only time she is silent is when she is asleep.

Mrs Adams, who runs an office park with her husband, adopted Smokey from the rescue centre NANNA three years ago for her 10-year-old daughter Amy. The family has two dogs and two other cats but say 12-year-old Smokey is by far the loudest cat they have ever heard.

Mrs Adams said Smokey, whose favourite leisures are eating and sleeping on the window sill, sometimes made herself cough as her purrs are so loud. "She can have sudden bursts of loud purrs and her throat gets dry so she makes herself cough," she added.

"It's not just the volume of her purr which is strange, she makes quite a unique sound as if she has a dove stuck in her throat.

Diana Johnson, of Northampton Cats Protection, who has met Smokey, said: "I have in no way heard anything like her purr in my life. It can drown out your conversation. "It is very strange and I've never found a cat with a purr that is anywhere near as loud."

The family has now submitted an application to Guinness World Records.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records said: "The Guinness World Record for the loudest shout by a human is 129dB. "If Smokey the cat is able to purr at over 80dB it would be an astonishing feat."

Smokey has become an honorary helper for Cat Protection's Northampton branch and is helping to raise awareness of the important cat welfare work they do.
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