Iran Nuclear Scientist Set “Free To Go” From US

The Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri who said that he was abducted by the US and took shelter in the Iran's office at the Pakistan Embassy in US is 'free to go'.

Clinton informed the media at the Foggy Bottom headquartes of the State Department that Mr Amiri has been in the US of his own free will and he is free to go. She further said that he was scheduled to travel to Iran on Jul 13 but was unable to make the essential arrangements to reach Iran through transit nations.

Clinton, sarcastically informed that Iran continues to hold three young US citizens against their well. "And we repeat our request that they be released and allowed to return to their families on a humanitarian basis," she said. She urged Iranian cooperation the safe return for Robert Levinson, who has been not there in Iran since 2007.

Amiri turned up at the Iranian connection at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington on Wednesday, Jul 14 days after he suspected in a video on You Tube that he had been abducted by the US Spies from Saudi Arabia. Bookmark and Share