Google Employee Shows A Presentation Of Upcoming ‘Google Me’

A Google employee, Paul Adams has presented a preview to the upcoming 'Google Me' service that is likely to challenge social networking site, Facebook through a presentation.
Mr. Adams released a 216-page document that analyses human interaction ways when they interrelate online and also focuses on social networks online and offline. Paul openly draws examples from competitors like Facebook and Twitter where a child can come across an inappropriate image on Facebook.

The release chalks out the direction in which Google social networking will head in the prospect. Many people expect Google simply re brand its Orkut networking site and put in additional features like Google Friend Connect, Mail, Voice, Buzz, Wave, Picasa, Latitude or Youtube to make a socialnetworking site of choice.

Inter users around the world do not need just an additional rival to Facebook but a face platform to interrelate with their friends that does not compromise their security and privacy. Google has been in efforts to create an ecosystem offering such services, now it is too been how far it can go with the service and contend with the likes of Facebook that already has more than half a billion users. Bookmark and Share