New York Hosts World’s First Fancy Rat Convention

The ‘much-hated’ rats are valuable pets for many in New York as they can be trained like dogs and are clean like cats.

According to them, the social creatures are also expressive, able to bond and very playful.“Rats are very misunderstood, noting that to know one is to love one. The rat is as much a part of us as your dog is a part of you and your family. We love them, and we feel love back,” The New York Daily News quoted Raquel Citron, organizer of the N.Y.C. Rat Meetup Group, as saying.

Dozens of rat lovers gathered in Manhattan to attend the world’s first Fancy Rat Convention, where pet fashion designer Ada Nieves showed off her rodent clothing collection, featuring rat tuxedos, wedding dressed, bridesmaids gowns and other elite designs. Her creations come complete with crystals or feathers and sell for about $80 each. ‘The rats look very pretty and seem to like wearing them. Rats are much admired these days and the owners love to dress them up,’ the pet fashionista said.

According to rat owners present at the Fancy Rat Convention, in spite of the negative stereotype people have about rats, these creatures have astonishing personalities which make them much more suitable pets than cats, dogs or ferrets. They are very sociable, clever, loving, and can be trained to do all kinds of tricks, from dancing to fetching stuff.

The pet-rat trend took off when celebrities began adopting rats and showing them in public and now people spend up to $115 for the latest breeds, and a lot more on cages, toys, designer clothes and other accessories. The models for the Fancy Rat Convention fashion show were offered by the Big Apple Rattery, which specializes in Manx and Dwarf rats, in case you’re interested.
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