Tokyo's Sky Tree Claims To Be World's Tallest Tower

Tokyo's Sky Tree has become the world's tallest self-supporting broadcast structure, according to a statement by the project's owners, having reached 601 m.

The tower, structure of which is being managed by Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., has now passed the 600 m-high Canton Tower in China's south-western city of Guangzhou.

When completed later this year, the tower will be 634 m-high and will restore another tower, the 332 m-high Tokyo Tower.

Construction of the remaining 30 m-plus is regarded as the most significant phase of the project as it involves installation of a digital antenna.

Japan's six top broadcasters are building the tower, which is anticipated to bolster television and radio transmissions across the capital and beyond.

The tower will also consist of house retail outlets, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando and sculptor Kiichi Sumikawa, the Sky Tree is constructed on a triangular base and its "body" turns into a cylinder as it reaches upward.

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