Chinese Man Becomes The World's Most Typical Person

Lots of people call themselves the 'average person on the street', but this guy actually is. The most typical human face on earth has been discovered as a 28-year-old Han Chinese man, after researchers found there are nine million of them in the world.

The ‘Face of Seven Billion’ image was created as a composite of 190,000 Chinese photos, but experts consider the average person will come from India by 2030.

The picture was created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, which had collected the photos over a ten-year period from technology research programmes.

It was developed for National Geographic’s ‘Population 7 Billion’ series on the human race, which also showed that males just about outnumber females in the world.

The series also exposed how the world’s most typical person is right-handed, makes less than $12,000 per year and has a mobile phone but no bank account.

Researchers compared life expectancies and heights – with the distinctive Dutch man measuring 5ft 11in but the average Peruvian male standing at under 5ft 5in.

Japan’s typical female lives to nearly 86-years-old, but the average female in Afghanistan dies aged 45.

The typical American uses 100 gallons of water at home per day - compared to 2.5 gallons in parts of Ethiopia, where some use eight hours per day collecting it.

A first language of Mandarin is spoken by 13 per cent, compared to five per cent English - and 19 per cent of people are Chinese, compared to four per cent American.

One-third of the world is Christians, with 21 per cent Muslim and 13 per cent Hindu, and more than half of people (51 per cent) live in urban environments.

In the working work, 40 per cent are engaged in the services sector, 38 per cent in agriculture and 22 per cent in industry – and more than four in five of us are literate.

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